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sarahbeara14 graduation
4 years ago
cococovers hi sarah,, I was wondering how tall you are and how do you walk in this skirt,, it's longer on me at 5'5'' may need get hemmed and do you happen to live in Colorado/? I lived in the Boulder area 10 yrs before Hawaii and you look like someone I spoke with there a few times on the mall? xx coco
2 years ago
cococovers perhaps if I ever post up fotos you'll know lol and if your 5'9'' your boyfriend is over 6' as you look tiny next to him but then I had one at 6'4'' so he was a foot over me LOL
1 year ago
sarahbeara14 @cococovers I am 5'9" and it's very long on me! But it's a great piece I have had it forever. I do live in Colorado!
2 years ago

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