(£) Sign In My Hearts



celestial82 So they look almost like heram pants in person??
11 months ago
welsabeans Thanks! I got a medium and the waist is large and the legs are super tight...I love them but for the price I wish the legs would give a little more! The gap under the crotch is a little awkward! Still...I love the hip and urban styling!
1 year ago
noelgallagirl Nice on you...not so great on me...did you get a large or a medium? I got medium and found it big in the waist and super tight in the legs...sadly sent them back:)
1 year ago
noelgallagirl I agree that they are cute styling...I just could not justify the cost only really liking the bottoms of the jeans. I wanted to wear them with long tops, but also like the model in the pics, with a regular length top as well. I wanted to love them and I tried to find ways to wear them and just couldn't...Cheers!
1 year ago

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