(£) Sign In My Hearts



xmeomeox very detailed
1 year ago
cococovers whao,, got lashes ya yours are perfect,, actualy we think your face is adorable my husband does classic paintings of people and said you have a face that only gets better with age,, your cheek bones will hold your face up into your 90s,, he's doing a drawing of you as i type ,, and I'd like know about the dress,, want this color too,, how is the sizing,, I is 5'5'' & want to wear as dress not tunic like the models appear,,, what's your take ? xx coco & julian
1 year ago
xmeomeox thank you for the compliments. I'm 5'3 and it's perfect as a dress for me. I think you might be able to wear it as a dress too. Maybe with a slip underneath just in case. Good luck!
1 year ago

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