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Cashmere Poncho

Cashmere Poncho

This product is no longer available
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    Extra cozy large knit poncho with V-neckline and ties. High-low hem with fringe detailing.

    • 100% Cashmere
    • Hand Wash Cold
    • Made in Italy
  • Length: 88.27 cm

Cashmere Poncho styled by the FP Me community

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STUNNING. Seriously. I'm stunned.

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  • Age: 36-40
  • Body-type: pear shaped
  • Location: Texas

Okay, here's the deal. I bought this gorgeous work of incredibleness after having sold a bunch of items on eBay so that I could afford it. Then, the very next day, Free People had some sort of sale in which anything more than $500 was 25% off, and I was gutted on the whole timing thing, LOL. That said... it was worth it. Seriously. This is hands-down the MOST luxuriously, impossibly, unbelievably soft and warm garment I have EVER held against my skin. Ever. In my whole life. EVER. You just wouldn't know it by the photograph. You have to trust that it's cashmere, and cashmere is supposed to be really, really soft. I had no idea because frankly, this is the first pure cashmere thing I've ever owned. But OH MY GOD, is it amazing. It's like wrapping yourself in a warm cloud. That's been air brushed. There are only a few things about it that are even slightly irking. The price is one, of course, because a thousand bucks is a thousand bucks. Another is that what you can't see in the photographs is that the sides of the poncho are at a very high angle, revealing your entire leg, side buttock, and part of your waist. For such a warm and soft garment, it's a shame that part of your body is exposed to the elements. It will also absolutely fall down your shoulders unless you tie it, as the hole at the top is very broad. And then in that case, it tends to choke a little in certain positions. But the softness of this incredible garment makes it worth the purchase despite these issues. That's how amazing it is. I need to buy more cashmere....

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