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Down To Earth Romper

Down To Earth Romper

This product is no longer available
  • Style: 34928101 Colour:

    This exclusive collaboration between Free People and Spell, produced this cute and effortless silky printed romper featuring an elastic drawstring waist and adjustable straps. x Spell

    Free People x Spell

    • Hand Wash Cold
    • Import
  • Bust: 91.44 cm
  • Waist: 63.5 cm
  • Hips: 96.52 cm
  • Rise: 38.1 cm
  • Inseam: 6.35 cm

Down To Earth Romper styled by the FP Me community

Ratings & Reviews

Overall Rating (7):

Saggy Rear!!!

  • Age: 26-30
  • Body-type: athletic
  • Location: Trinidad W.I

Extremely disappointed. The design and material are ok. The romper has no stitching that divides the pants bit so it sags in the back as if you're wearing a dirty diaper, I would not be keeping this romper (obviously). It is certainly NOT WORTH the price. Do yourself a favor unless you're into the wet diaper look.

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Poor Fit

  • Age: 14-20
  • Body-type: curvy
  • Location: New Orleans, LA, USA

I returned this romper for the same reason as a lot of other reviewers on here: the baggy crotch. Even if you do have a butt, this romper will make it look flat no matter what, as well as a saggy crotch. Besides the bottom half, the top fit fine and the pattern was so cute. I would have definitely kept this one if it hadn't been for the bottom. Not worth the price.

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Why the bad reviews??

  • Age: 21-25
  • Body-type: slender
  • Location: Alpharetta, GA

I am very surprised by the negative reviews! I love this romper! I hate the way 95% of rompers look on me, but I think this one is very flattering. I'm 5'6", 125lb, and the Small fit perfectly. It was adorable! I love the colors and fun, peacock print. It's also a very soft, silky material. Looks so cute with strappy sandals for the summer! I didn't have any awkward bunching like other reviewers have said, but it does run smaller than typical FP sizing.

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  • Age: 21-25
  • Body-type: petite
  • Location: Seattle

Just ordered this & it is my new favorite piece of clothing. I'm so confused by the bad reviews. The material is really silky and can be easily adjusted to your body. I'm 5'2 105 pounds & ordered an XS.

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  • Age: 31-35
  • Body-type: long and lean
  • Location: Brooklyn, NY

I was so disappointed when I tried on this romper. The colors and mixed prints are on point but the shape of the romper is really bad. The sides of the shorts cut way up (which isn't always bad) and the middle section of fabric between your thighs hangs WAY lower than the high cut outer sides. It almost gives the romper an odd harem pant look in the middle. It's hard to tell in the picture. Not the best fit.

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so disappointing

  • Age: 21-25
  • Body-type: slender
  • Location: California

This print and the fabric for this romper are 100% perfect but it's cut is ALL wrong. Unless you like looking like you're wearing a diaper, or a "really baggy crotch one piece bathing suit" as my boyfriend stated when opinion was asked. There's a lot of extra material that hangs and bundles up in the lady part area, absolutely not flattering. I can't explain, its just bad.

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Too tall for this one

  • Age: 21-25
  • Body-type: hourglass
  • Location: Chicago

Love the print - perfect for summer. But I tried this on in the store and it was WAY too short. My torso is fairly long, but even with the large, the fabric was pulling tight from my shoulders down to the crotch. For someone with a shorter torso I would definitely recommend this, but it wasn't in the cards for me (for reference, I am 5'10).

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