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Lovely Lace Liners

Lovely Lace Liners


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    Pair of lace liners with scalloped trim. American made. By Look from London Born in London, raised in Brooklyn, Look from London takes pride in being able to tap into the fashion collective. They create a consciousness in leg wear that commands attention. Their style represents more than just leg wear they are revered by both wearer and audience.

    Look from London

    • 80% Nylon
    • 20% Spandex
    • Made in the USA

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So pretty but too snug for me

  • Age: 41-45
  • Location: MD

I wear size 7.5M shoe. The lace is not super stretchy and is moderately textured/rough. I found these uncomfortable because they were too snug. If you purchased to wear with pointed shoes that will squeeze your toes together anyway than these may be fine for you. If you have a smaller foot, your toes may not be squeezed as mine were. My foot borders on narrow, so if you have wide or fat feet these probably won't work. In snug shoes, I think the texture of the lace might be unpleasant. "One size"? Hmmm...

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Just ok

  • Age: 31-35
  • Location: Little Rock, AR

These socks are nice enough. They don't slip off as much as some small socks do. But, they do slip! If I had it to do over, I'd probably pass.

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Terrible do not bother.

  • Location: Bristol

Finding pretty like ankle socks as difficult & when i saw these I thought well £10 is very steep but if they are good quality & last and i treat them well then its worth buying.They are so bad.They do not stay on at all and I am a UK size 6.5,they slip off constantly & actually the lace is not soft at all it rubs my little toes,upon hand washing them most of the pink ran and they now look very old & fatigued,they also got a hole in the back after only the second use.What a waste of money.

Response From Free People

Hi litte_dagger17, I'm sorry to hear about your socks! Someone from our team will be in touch with you about this! -Free People

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Worth It

  • Age: 26-30
  • Body-type: petite
  • Location: CT

I must admit that I balked a little at a $10 footie sock, but I've been trying for more than a decade to find a true no-show liner. I'm not sure if my foot is shaped strangely, but every shoe liner I've ever worn has always ridden up on just one side (the outside# of my shoe really unattractively. When these arrived #just in time to save me from an evening of sockless-stiletto torture, no less), I was a little put off by the thinness of the material - for $10 I expected something a little more substantial. But once on it was very comfortable, hid under my shoes with just the tiniest scalloped edge peeking out. It made putting on my shoes easier: it held my toes together so that the pinkies didn't get all mashed in the wrong way, and made wearing my heels a little more bearable. as an 8W, I did need to apply a little body adhesive #try "it stays!" brand) to the heel to prevent slippage. As such I wouldn't recommend this to anyone with feet larger than 9 or 9 1/2N. I'll probably be back to order the other color soon :]

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Pretty, exactly what I expected

  • Age: 26-30
  • Body-type: curvy
  • Location: los angeles, ca

I got these in the nude lace and they're lovely. The lace is soft and stretchy, not itchy like some lace can be. They are liners, so they fit like the picture shows, not like socks. Don't expect the lace to peek unless you have shoes with a cutout. I got the Braeburn booties so that they will show, but my size is on backorder so I haven't been able to test it yet. Very pretty!

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  • Age: 21-25
  • Body-type: hourglass
  • Location: Grand Rapids, MI

I bought these to go under my ballet flats and a few pair of heels for work, thinking it would be a cute little detail around the edges of my plain-er shoes. The socks were quite small and snug putting them on. Sliding my shoes over them, the lace was completely hidden. I tried the three pair of shoes I had planned them for and was dissappointed to find that every pair hid the detailing I was hoping for. I wear a size 8. I would suggest these socks for a smaller sized foot if you are planning on wearing these under shoes!

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