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Moon Necklace

Moon Necklace

This product is no longer available
  • Style: 26872325 Colour:

    Silver moon pendant necklace with metal chain. Lobster claw clasp closure. By Ax + Apple White Bronze Crescent, Mixed Silver Plated Chain *29 1/2" total chain length, 2 1/4" pendant length

    Ax + Apple

    • White Bronze Crescent
    • Mixed Silver Plated Chain
  • Total Chain Length: 74.93 cm
  • Pendant Length: 5.72 cm

Moon Necklace styled by the FP Me community

Ratings & Reviews

Overall Rating (8):

Broke Easily/Too Fragile just like other FP pieces

  • Age: 14-20
  • Body-type: pear shaped
  • Location: Arizona

Much like most jewelry I've received from Free People, the chain is incredibly weak/fragile. Also, the connecting hoop from the moon to the chain itself wasn't soldered shut. Sure, you can do some DIY with some pliers and a bit of persistence but the metal is so weak (i.e. plying it shut doesn't solve the problem) that it just became annoying to have to continuously repair this necklace. Super disappointing considering the price of the piece. If there's anything to be wary of: the price and quality aren't very fair.

Response From Free People

Hi MoonPetals, We're sorry to hear about this. Someone from our team will be in touch! -Free People

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Revisit the bail

  • Age: 36-40
  • Body-type: pear shaped
  • Location: New Jersey

This is beautiful! I needed a go to pendant style necklace and this is it! The moon shape makes it very easy for it to catch on things so be very careful. I was seated at a table and bent to pick something up off of the floor and caught the pendant on the edge of the table. The bail came apart and sent the pendant flying away. I found both parts on the floor and used a pair of pliers to put it back together. I'm glad it was a simple fix, but a stronger chain/bail would be an improvement. Other than that, I would recommend to anyone!

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Chain Broke After 2 Wears

  • Age: 26-30
  • Body-type: hourglass
  • Location: Edmonton

I've had really great luck buying jewelry from Free People...usually made well etc. But the chain is very fragile...The pendant is gorgeous however since it hangs low when you wear it it will get hooked on items...My moon got hooked on my desk at work and the chain snapped in half. I'll just use a leather string for it which is fine...But...for the amount of money you would think they would give you a little more of a heavy duty chain

Response From Free People

Hi Chelsea666, We're sorry to hear about your Moon Necklace. Someone from our team will be in touch. - Free People

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Price does not = quality

  • Age: 26-30
  • Body-type: athletic
  • Location: Nashville

I had been waiting to get this necklace for quite a while and was so excited when it finally arrived in the mail. I have been wearing it for a week with my work outfits and it looks great. However, I just went to take it off (using the clasp appropriately) and the chain just snapped in half! The chain also creates an oxidized stain on your skin if you wear it against your skin. The pendant is beautiful but the chain is cheap! I'm going to salvage the pendant but the overall necklace costs entirely too much money to be this flimsy! Disappointment!

Response From Free People

Hi Casicko, We're sorry to hear about your Moon Necklace. Someone from our team will reach out to you shortly. - Free People

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love it!

  • Age: 31-35
  • Body-type: petite
  • Location: Kansas City

I love this necklace and I am glad it came back in stock so I was able to purchase. It is quite big and the chain is lovely. I only gave four stars due to it being highly over priced. I have not had any problems with any rings coming undone as other reviews have, but I am cautious when wearing it.

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  • Age: 41-45
  • Body-type: curvy
  • Location: CA

I had my eye on this for awhile, and am glad I finally purchased it. The pendent size is perfect, the chain length is perfect (even on a larger chest - 34DD; always something I worry about), and it really has a nice, handcrafted look. I've worn it quite a bit, and have not had any issues with snagging, or with jump rings coming open. Overall I'd say a great purchase!

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breaks easily

  • Age: 21-25
  • Body-type: hourglass
  • Location: Kentucky

I intend to keep this amazing necklace, but I must admit that I am let down by the quality. The "hook" that the crescent creates catches on things and the pendent is literally pulled off of the chain over and over. I am afraid I will loose it this way, so I plan to buy a new chain.

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  • Age: 36-40
  • Body-type: hourglass
  • Location: New York City

This is the coolest necklace ever! It really goes perfect with all my clothes and I like the length of it. If I feel like layering a short necklace with it I can. Also I didn't notice this before in the picture but the chain is real interesting. There is a part of it that is slightly different. This is a really unique piece of jewelry that can be dressed up or down. I'm glad it finally came back in stock!

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