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Sutton Zip Mid Boot

Sutton Zip Mid Boot

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    Tall distressed leather boot with zipper detailing detailing. Buckle strap at top of each outer side and across front ankle. Leather sole with rubber insert. Leather is super soft and supple, and will get even better with age and wear. By Officine Creative Leather Made in Italy 13 3/4' shaft height, 1 1/4" heel height

    Officine Creative

    • Leather
    • Made in Italy
  • Heel: 3.17 cm
  • Shaft: 34.92 cm

Sutton Zip Mid Boot styled by the FP Me community

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Butter & Zip Tips

  • Age: over 45
  • Body-type: long and lean
  • Location: Colorado

I know other reviewers have commented on the zipper situation here but thought I'd add my few cents. As is visible in one of the photos, there is no actual inside zipper. The teeth are there as a style element so closing that zipper is not an option. The outside, however, does close. But if being patient and softly deliberate is not one of your superpowers then I suggest you ask a friend to do it for you. This is what I noticed: the stitching along the zipper, where it's secured to the boot, is too close to the teeth. So there's only just enough room for the actual pull-piece of the zipper to squeak by. If you finesse it, going slowly and back and forth, up and down bit by bit, they will get to the top, at least that's how it is on the pair I have (green, 41). Another technique that helped a lot is to fold the teeth OUT, away from its tight hold to the leather, get some flexibility into the equation, back and forth over and over -- then line up the two rows of teeth very close to each other before attempting to close. I have quite thin calves and leave the zipper around the halfway mark (can slide my foot in easily, was able to even when zipped all the way up b/c of the buttery quality of the leather). The green is a lovely confusion of green and brown, somehow both colors but neither (with green stitching) and highly unique, will compliment any color bag/belt combo. I am between a size 10 and 11, feet 1/2 size different from each other, and I have room for thick socks should I want them but in thinner socks, while my heel has room, it does not slide up and out. I don't like tight shoes of any sort so the wiggle room suits me really well. Lovely detail of what looks to be hand written or stamped Italian writing on the bottoms. Like a secret (regardless the translation) summoning its wearer towards unknown lands and intrigues.

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No 2 pairs are the same

  • Age: 41-45
  • Body-type: hourglass
  • Location: Burtonsville, MD, USA

I love these boots, but I have had to send 2 pairs back already as each of them fit me differently. The first pair felt a little roomy, no problem, but where the inside shoe part meets the shaft, there is a seam that catches on your foot when putting them on. My first pair had this problem on the left boot only. The second pair was not roomy, okay, but the right boot was difficult to get my foot in. I have sent the 2nd pair back as well. The other issue i have with these boots is, they are not smooth on the inside so it's not like your foot just glides in. I love these boots, but I'm not sure they are worth the price. I may yet order another pair...but the jury is still out.

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  • Age: 31-35
  • Body-type: pear shaped
  • Location: Texas

I had scoured the reviews looking for any information on whether or not these boots, which possess zippers on both the inside and outside, but zipper pulls on only the outside zip, would actually ZIP UP, and it honestly felt as if no one was even aware the zippers were there, because no one even acknowledged them. Finally, I broke down and bought the boot. Of course, the leather is butter soft, they smell good, and the construction from Officine Creative is top-notch, but they are too big for my calves... unzipped. SO I ZIPPED UP THE OUTSIDE ZIPPER!!! YES, the DO zip up! All you have to do is gently tuck the soft leather underneath away from the zipper teeth, and then pull the zipper up. It takes a bit of effort at first, and if you're afraid of breaking the zipper, then never mind. But eventually, I got them up all the way. When zipped all the way, they're too tight, so I leave them zipped about 2/3 of the way up and they look amazing like that. They make my leg look thinner, not horribly bulky. And if I ever want to change it - I just unzip! So now you know. :)

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Too big

  • Age: 21-25
  • Body-type: athletic
  • Location: Knoxville, TN

I absolutely love the look of these boots! I originally purchased the size 41 because I am normally a 9.5 in boots. They came in yesterday and feel a little too roomy (even with thick socks). I am sending them back for the 40 and hopefully they will fit perfectly. I have fairly large calves and these are even a bit loose on me, so that is ALWAYS something I worry about in boots. The leather is so soft and comfortable and I know they are a bit pricy, but I will definitely get my wear out of these. I ordered the taupe and they are a little darker than pictured here online, but a good brown color.

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Love Hate relationship

  • Age: 36-40
  • Body-type: hourglass
  • Location: McLean. VA

I'm so in love with the look of these boots. They're amazing. The leather is so buttery soft and the coloring is beautiful (I got the 'green'); a deep brown with a evergreen cast to them. What I'm hating is after wearing them only ONE time, the rubbery part of the heel seems like its already wearing down exposing a slicker surface underneath and I've slipped a few times. For the cost of this boot, I was shocked and very annoyed. Since I'm so in love with the look, I'll keep them and have a cobbler fix the heel when it gets to that point but just be warned. The whole heel is overall a bit stiff - most handmade soles are - but I know that'll soften in time. The zipper on the outside seems like it could be functional but forcing it would break them so I leave it as is in the pic. I wear a 9.5 but there were no half sizes so did the 9 and if fits perfectly.

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Love these boots!

  • Age: over 45
  • Body-type: athletic
  • Location: san diego

Beautiful, soft leather, well made, a bit wide in the foot bed, but so comfortable right out of the box! For my feet, that rarely happens! Liked my taupe pair so much I order the green! Those Italians definitely know how to make excellent leather products!

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