Winter Skincare Solved
For those of you who are spending your winter under the sun’s warm, blazing light, congratulations: we’re a little jealous.

For everyone else, hunkered down under blankets, resigned to refresh weather apps on repeat, gazing upward at that dirge of cloudy grey and wondering if it means rain, snow, ice (never mind that we didn’t get to the grocery store before they sold out of everything…), we just perfected our autumnal complexions. And now winter wages its ugly war of havoc on our glowy demeanors.

Fear not, for in the face of freezing weather, there are several ways to rescue your skin. Here, beauty industry vet Allie White answers your most pressing skincare concerns.

Help! My skin has been completely ravaged by winter’s chill. We’re talking extremely dry, flaky and irritated. What product am I missing from my routine to keep these reptilian scales at bay?

Signed, Wake Me Up In April
Allie's pick:
The Gentle Label Organic Healing Balm

Why she picked it: Look for a thick, creamy formula to coat your face in morning and night. If you’re super dry, it’ll be hard to over-moisturize if you’re using natural ingredients that also work as mild exfoliants to remove dead skin cells so the hydrating ingredients can penetrate further into the skin. You should also consider layering your moisturizer with oil at night for serious while-you-sleep benefits.

"As someone with always-oily skin—yes, even during winter—I don’t have to worry about the moisture-zapping effects other people deal with when temperatures drop. I don’t want to go without moisturizer, though. What can I do to lock in the good moisture without becoming greasy-looking?

Signed, Semi-Essential Oils
Allie's pick:
Sunday Riley Juno Essential Face Oil

Why she picked it: Opt for something lightweight without a ton of ingredients. As you likely already know, oily skin is most often caused by an imbalance or lack of moisture, so even though it may feel unnecessary, moisturizing oily skin is just as important as moisturizing dry skin. If you don’t, you risk even slicker skin as oil glands go into hyperdrive.

I’ll be honest: my hands are not holding up well to my ultra-long outdoor commute. Dry, chapped and, um, a little cracked and gross, they’re not a sight to see. What mega-duty balm or secret potion do you suggest to restore my hands to their summer glory?

Signed, Hands-On Help
Allie's pick:
Lanolips Golden Dry Allover Skin Salve

Why she picked it: Don’t be afraid to slather on the thickest, goopiest stuff you can get your dry little hands on. Seriously, one of my favorite things to do during the winter is load my hands up with a skin salve, massage it in, then cover my slimy hands in a clean pair of socks (or gloves made specifically for this purpose if you have the foresight to buy them) and go to sleep. I wake up with socks for hands and baby-soft, highly-moisturized paws. (You can do the same for your feet, too.) If that’s not something you’d be into, a plain ol’ salve applied liberally and often will do the trick.

Confession: I love the early sundowns of winter. More time for multi-step skincare rituals. To that point, I have some free time on my hands. How do I up my skincare game and make my daily regimen extra-luxurious?

Signed, Routine Oriented
Allie's pick:
Everyday Oil

Why she picked it: When it’s cold and dry out, nothing beats fragrant everyday oil, a signature blend of cold-pressed plant oils and essential oils, for full-body conditioning. For the best results, use it right after a shower or bath when your skin is best able to soak it up and don’t be afraid to really get into all the nooks and crannies. (You’re an English muffin, baby!) Feel free to use whatever is left on your hands as a nice little treatment for the ends of your hair.