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Kaleidoscope Sunglasses

Kaleidoscope Sunglasses

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    Go all the way groovy in kaleidoscope style with these festival-ready sunglasses. Featuring glass crystal lenses with prismatic details for a vivid visibility effect that expands awareness and stretches the mind's eye. Round plastic frames make for a retro-inspired look.

    Future Eyes

    Future Eyes is a movement that seeks to remind us that we co-create the world around us with our thoughts. With each thought and with our daily choices, we plant seeds for the world to come.

    • Glass Crystal
    • Plastic
    • Import

Kaleidoscope Sunglasses styled by the FP Me community

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  • Location: Baltimore

I dont I think people who have left reviews about these glasses know what these are for. theyre intended to wear for concerts to amplify and beautify the existing light show. you most definitely should not wear them while driving. they're also nice to take on a picnic and lay back on the grass and cloud watch with, because it just looks like rainbow cotton candy skies.

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what a bummer

  • Location: CT

Such cool glasses, very cool for pictures and stuff but you cannot see through them at all. Wearing them is like wearing drunk goggles. It's cool I guess if you want to stare through a kaleidoscope but I was thinking when I bought them that I'd be able to see through them well enough to actually wear them while I was out and about. Unfortunately I can't. But they're still really cool. Just a bummer I can't really ever wear them .

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  • Location: SC

I'm super disappointed by these. I ordered them a while back and they were on back order. I anxiously awaited receiving them in the mail and it was a total letdown when I put them on. They are very well made and gorgeous from the outside, but not practical at all. They're only good for brief wear probably for photos only because I immediately felt drunk when I put them on. I was under the impression that the outside looked like a kaleidoscope, but I didn't think it would feel so wonky to wear them. You definitely can't drive in them. Only buy these if you have tons and tons of money to blow. If I spend $48 on a pair of sunglasses, I expectto be able to wear them as such.

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